Our Programs

Housing and Home Management.
We provide transitional housing with programs to help the residents acquire the skills necessary to live independently. We also provide team-building skills to help each resident learn to work together with the other residents to maintain the home. Services may include budgeting, housekeeping, yard maintenance and minor home repairs training.

Case Management for residents who need social service support, resources and advocacy long enough to regain and maintain stability.

Department of Corrections Transition

Life Skills workshops to help our residents be able to maintain a job and move on to independent permanent affordable housing.

Financial Literacy through financial education and mentor programs.

Computer trainingContinuing Education support for GED completion and beyond.

Computer & Technology Based Education - We bring skilled computer and technology instructors directly into our Fresh Start homes and provide computer training to our residents. Our instructors bring the latest technology and most up-to-date software.

Baker Street Donuts
Baker Street Donuts is a program supported by the residents and other volunteers of Fresh Start Housing of Washington. We take our donut making equipment and portable shop to local fairs, farmers markets, festivals and community and corporate events to raise awareness of Fresh Start and money to help support the mission of Fresh Start Housing of Washington.